The Ollie

Alright guys, I’ve been skating all day just working on the ollie. Like I said before, I am pretty much a full on beginner but at least I know how to control the board when I ride. But anyways, so far I am starting to get the hang of the form of the ollie. All I need to focus on next is how high I have to jump because I’m not getting that high off the ground but progress is being made. So far I’ve just been trying to ollie over a crack that’s on my driveway, I also just skate around my church parking lot and ollie down curbs or over the white lines of the parking spaces. I will post a tutorial videos in the future on how to do the ollie and everything else I learn with some tips and techniques that you can use. That’s it for this post, stay tuned for the next one and don’t stop skating.


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